Tile and New Paint at the Higgins Household in 2007

Lot's of work happened in May at Drake Dr.

We decided to remove the carpeting througout the downstairs...at first we wanted to intall hardwood floors. A lot of open space means a lot of square footage means Don would have had to sell more guitars than he can make...So we opted for the tile.

As you can see in the pictures below it was definitely a great choice but lots of work - move all the furniture either to the garge or upstairs and seal off any opening or cabinet due to the dust. We had a ridge in our concrete underfloor that had to be ground to level. Tha and the removal of all the tile in the kitchen made for a major dust storm in our house.

Even Dalee got to help dad with something she loves to do - PAINT.

Please refer all questions regarding the endeavor illustrated below to my accountant (The Boss of the House).