Sebec Lake, Maine

Our Trip in August of 2005

Lobsters, boats, canoes, hammocks and good times!!


Let's see - doesn't Maine = Lobster - Oh Yeah!!!!! A great lobster dinner, a great sunset and great company.

"Hey barmender - you gotta some mora them bourbonny drinks...."  
Me, Mommy and Pappa...playing the fish game and hanging out outside.
"Uncle Tim...I'm hanging on to the anchor for Daddy. I know his penchant for throwing untied anchors overboard."  

Me and Daddy

Me and Daddy out for a canoe ride...I'm getting the hang of this paddling thing...



Me and Daddy just kicking back in the this is how to vacation..."Where's my Apple Juice Fruity Drink with a Parasail?"

"Cheers Grandma. Do these popsicles have any rum in them???"  

The camp...from the water in the back.

The camp...from the side.  

Grandma cooking the lobsters.

  "Look at me Mommy - I'm steering the boat. Hey Daddy, how's the fishing?"