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I am presently working as a Project Manager for Honeywell in Tempe Arizona.

As for my leisure time I enjoy sports, music, guitars, guitar building, household remodeling, cooking, billiards, computers and photography.

I have had various small businesses - a disc jockey business, household remodeling business, a shed building business and a photography business. I have done model portfolios - with one teen model wining Miss Photogenic in a New York city model contest from the portfolio I did for her. I have DJ'd Rochester NY's largest aerobics class for the Reebok National Aerobic team. I have even been the photographer and DJ for a wedding in Rochester.

I have played squash on and off since I was in college. I have won numerous tournaments in the Rochester N.Y. area. I have played in the amateur flights of the North American Open (in Toledo, OH - hardball) and in U.S. Nationals (in Cincinnati, OH - softball). In 1990 I was ranked sixth in the U.S. in C Softball Squash.

I also enjoy both fresh and saltwater fishing and the chance to get out and play a round or two of golf. When celebrating my rounds of golf I like to partake in some billiards - mostly 9-ball.

I have had a variety of "odd" jobs throughout my years, including:

Shipping and Receiving Clerk Professional Baker Maintenance Man for an Apartment Complex
Bus Driver Short Order Cook Deli Counter Clerk
Bartender - Various Bars Painter Disc Jockey - Various Bars
Bar Manager for a Catering Business Bartender for Catering Business Inventory Clerk for RGIS (Retail Grocery Inventory Service)
Waiter Bus Mechaninc Production Line Worker for Pharmaceutical Packaging
Grocery Store Stockboy Diner Dishwasher Bakery Counter Clerk
Nightime Janitor Bouncer Barback

I enjoy almost all kinds of music, with favorite types being classic and modern rock and modern country music. I play guitar - strictly as a hobby (more precisely I'm just a guitar owner) - with the hopes of being a guitar player someday (see my Guitar Stuff page for more info).

My professional experience and education.
A look at the good times shared with our friends throughout the world.
Work on the house...
We decided to replace all our downstairs carpeting with tile. Of course, then we had to paint... 
New Tile Downstairs
Don's Workshop - Garage Transformation
The next part of the retirement program. I needed a place to work on and build guitars - so the garage received a transformation into a workshop.
Don's Garage Workshop
Dalee's Birthday Present - a Redecorated Room
Wednesday September 20, 2006. For Dalee's 4th birthday we redecorated her room. Painted it Princess Pink and added Disney Princess border wallpaper. Dalee even helped do some of the painting - take a look. 
Dalee's Princess Room
Don's Retirement Career - Building Guitars
I built my first guitar and I decided to chronicle the building process. I learned a lot and made my fair share of mistakes as well. Detailed pictures and information can be found at
Building a Vintage 1963 Lake Placid Blue Telecaster
Dalee's - Halloween 2005
Monday October 31,, 2005. Dalee as a Princess.
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Dalee's Birthday Party
Sunday August 27, 2005. My party for my third birthday.
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Our trip to Maine 2005
Out of the heat into the land of lobsters.
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