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Hmmm...What should I say for my first public Internet newsletter...let me see?

First I have to thank Dad and Mom for doing this for me (since I do not know how to type or what a computer is or what the Internet is or...)

So this will be a living and growing web brochure about - ME!!! Happenings in my life and the people who are part of my let's start.!

  Me as a newborn at home. I was so tiny..well I'm not tiny anymore -but I'm still just as precious (so Mommy and Daddy say)!!!
OK - Look what all this thinking has done to me...Dad says it is becuase I'm Irish - that's why thinking makes me look like I've had one too many whiskeys...Maybe it was the Teddy bear who had too much - notice he's upside down...  

Me and Mommy and Daddy

Me and Mommy - after realizing that daddy is the best guitarist we know (OK we need to get out more - but I'm only 10 months old).  

As proof of the Irish curse I have upon me look at this picture of Dad and me. He has a beer in front of him and his hat on backwards...I'm in trouble!!!

P.S. Look at me - I had a smell of Daddy's beer...wheee hooo yaaaaa...

Styling at Daycare


Thanks to all of you. I'm just the rage at daycare - everyone wants to know about my wardrobe! of my fashion designers. Well many of you have contributed - and I love all the outfits - I do like the B&B collection (Barb & Bunnie Wojdan). Here Barbara (my Godmother by the way) and I are reviewing fashions for the summer line.

Notice my captivated look - pretty good for a baby huh? That's me - Mom says I'm special!

Aren't I just the prettiest baby you have ever seen... (OK maybe not the prettiest YOU have ever seen - but I do photograh well - huh?)  



Yeehaw...Hey Grandpa - since I live in Arizona would you put on your cowby hat and take me to a rodeo!!!!


Ride 'em Cowboy - hey Uncle Matt or Uncle Jon how about bustin' a bronco for your niece?

We all know the story here...Unlce Jon I'm ready for the WNBA. I've decided our team will be the Phoneix BIBS (Babes in Bibs). We're going with a new strategy - ready Unlce Jon...a team of straight power centers. Centers in the low post, high post, point center guard, in the paint and on the perimeter - we'll have the Power LP Center, Power HP Center and double Power Center Centre (a little Canadien for daddy and Uncle Tim and their love of hockey).

Aunt Becky is in charge of uniform design - remember the BIB look is in...look out WNBA. We'll wear the I Love Daddy look at home games and the I Love Mommy look at away games.

Mom can be a double Power Center and Aunt Alice can be a Center Guard. We just need Uncle Vinny to "take care of the refs.." Remember ladies - drool get's 'em everytime - makes the floor slippery!


"The Godfather"

  Here is my Godfather Uncle Tim holding me. Don't worry - he's not like "The Godfather" - he's Irish and Polish - hopefully he and Daddy will teach me how to fish - and what is good beer - except I have to wait until I'm 21 to try beer (Daddy says so).

Out to Dinner


I love dinner time - who wants to take me out to dinner. Grandma and Grandpa - I can't wait to go out to dinner.

Uncle Steve - I'll be ready to eat at your (and Doe's) wedding - I hope it is a sit down dinner - do they provide high chairs or do I have to bring mine?

Having an Irish-Roman Catholic Father...

Daddy tells me if I'm not a good girl he will send me to the Nunnery...  

Our Dog Connor...

  Connor - look I cannot be bothered with you picture is being taken. Please do not interrupt a model at work!

My Next Invention - Edible Washcloths...

What a great idea huh? They taste pretty good as cloth - how about bubblegum and strawberry flavors. I'll make millions. then Mom can stop embezzeling form the bank and Dad can buy all the guitars he wants...Grandpa can have a new set of golf clubs...Grandma can go on a jewelry shopping spree - in Paris, I could finance the Phoneix BIBS WNBA team...Uncle Tim could buy a fishing boat - one that has large bumpers so you and Daddy do not hit the docks...  
Keep coming back folks for more pictures and stories about ME!!!