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(a.k.a Dalee Caroline Higgins)

Me Redefining "COOL"

  Me at the Anthem Town Park. My cap and glasses from Aunt Alice. Cool is the only word necessary...

Me again - COOL is all that is needed!


Me and Daddy After His Shoulder Surgery


Hmmm...this connects to that...and then that connects to this...I help Mommy put ice in the cooler for Dad's shoulder.

The Start of My Artistic Career

Here I am drawing on my Magna-Doodle. Mommy and Daddy feel this is better than me drawing on the walls...but there is no color...  

Here I am drawing on the floor. I have to draw when the inspiration hits me...

Me at My Friend Lauren's Birthday Party

This is my first birthday party. I enjoyed the cake!  

Me and the World...

  My ultimate pout! Do you think Francis Ford Coppola, Stephen Spielberg or John Woo would hire me?

Me upstairs with Daddy's computer keyboard.

Let's see...type a few lines...into the vault at Shane Co. Jewelers..a diamond for me and Mommy - Hmmm...into the Fishing Boat website...a 60 foot Fishing Machine for Uncle Tim - Hmmm...into Musician's Friend...a butterscotch 1952 Fender Telelcaster Re-issue for Daddy...I like this computer stuff!!!


My Funky Moments


Here I am learning to Break Dance...this is easy!

My New Place To Sit

Face it folks - I'm just too cute..
Me in another one of my Favorite Designer's outfits - the designer Le Barbara Wojdana...  

Seeing Double

  Mommy and Daddy can't get enough of me.