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Uncle Rick and Aunt Joanna's Wedding

(a.k.a Dalee Caroline Higgins)

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Me At Another Social Event

  Here are Aunt Joanna and Uncle Rick at their wedding.

Grandma and Grandpa at Uncle Rick's wedding - thy're cool grandparents...


Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Here I am between some of my favorite guys - Daddy and Grandpa - all I need is Uncle Tim and I'd have the Trifecta!!

Here I am at Uncle Rick's rehearsal dinner...Hmmm the desserts are awesome...


OK Grandpa time for another one of those fruity fruit juices...

Me and Mommy

Here I am trying to wrinkle my dress before the wedding ceremony.  

Me at the Reception

Grandpa giving me the Bird's Eye view.  
  Me and Mommy at the reception.
Me looking at the cutest girl at the reception - Is there anything else that needs to be said...