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(a.k.a Dalee Caroline Higgins)

Dalee and Cousin "Mini Vinne"

  Me and my cousin "Mini Vinnie" - Aunt Alice is watching us look for the secret least that is what Aunt Alice said was in the container.

Me and my cousin "Mini Vinnie" - tag he's it.

"Listen Mr. Vinnie Jr. - you be nice to your Mom and Dad...or else."


My Start in Constuction - Ready to Help Daddy Build Sheds...


Hmmm...this connects to that...and then that connects to this...

Me Giving Mommy The Day Off

Here I am vacuuming up after Connor. Mom said I am a natural...notice my perfect positioning of my right hand to keep me in balance.

This vacuum broke and Mommy and Daddy had to buy a new one - hopefully they won't let me use it.



Me and My Shoes...Mommy is Training Me Well

Look Mom - I can tighten my muckluck slippers all by myself.  
  Me wearing Daddy's slippers - a bit big but fuzzy and warm.
Mommy brought these back from overseas - I think they look great on me - even if the left shoe is on the right foot and the right shoe is on the left foot. Mommy says I'm dysalexical like Daddy...  

Me in Mommy's sandals. I can't wait until my feet are her size - then I can wear all of her cool shoes.


Notice my shiner undr my right eye...Mommy and Daddy call me BRUISER...Hmmmm I wonder why?

Time to Watch What I Want...

Time for me to take charge of the TV viewing. No Sesame Street here - Law and Order for me. Dad says I'm too young to watch the Sopranos...ahhh fagettaboutit...  

My Duck Bathrobe


Here I am at Uncle Stephen's and Aunt Doe's wedding brunch teaching Granpa how to break dance. I don't think he gets it..."Come on and try Grandpa..."

Me and mommy at a Arizona Dimondbacks Playoff game. My mom is a D-Backs hussy - I want to be one to...see my D-Backs outfit.  
Mommy gave me some cheese after my bath...notice my new funky Hawaaiin - Pineapple Robe...bring on Bob Marley...

My New Place To Sit

My Toybox that Mommy and Daddy made me. Daddy put it together and Mommy decorated it. Weeee.......  

My New Place to Hide

  Here I am in my toybox...come find me if you can...