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My Christening

(a.k.a Dalee Caroline Higgins)

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My Christening in December 2003

  Me with Daddy, Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa hosted my Christening Party - I'm their favorite granddaughter...of course I'm their only granddaughter...just like Daddy is Grandpa's favorite Son-in-Law...Hmmm...

Me with Daddy, Mommy and my Godparents - Uncle Tim and Aunt Barbara.

Me with Aunt Becky and Uncle Mike. They came early to fit me for my christening dress that Aunt Becky made for me...don't I look like a Princess.
Me with Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Matt and Aunt Tiara (that's what she lets me call her...cause I'm special!).
Me with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tim and Cousin Mikey. Mikey was sleep walking but was able to pause for this picture...
Me with my cousins...McKenzie and Hannah and Matt and Anthony...
Me with my cousins McKenzie and Hannah...we had fun playing together.
Me with my Uncle Mike...he's a tall guy...


OK guys my point is 9 - put your money down for my next roll of the dice...what every goog Christening Party needs - some good gambling action.

Me and my Christening Bear..